Air conditioning is designed to help to keep your home at a stable temperature, so you and your family will be as comfortable as possible. If your air conditioning system isn’t keeping your home at the right temperature, you may need to arrange an air conditioning repair. At Lusk Heating and Air Conditioning we are committed to ensuring that your system stays working exactly as it should.

At Lusk Heating, we do two main types of repairs; repairs on broken systems and repairs on inefficient systems. Our skilled technicians have all undergone the latest HVAC training to allow them to quickly assess a system and accurately identify the problem. Once the problem has been identified, the technician will do what is required to get the system back up and running again.

Tips Your A/C Might Need Repairing

  • The AC unit is louder than usual. This can either be a high-pitched sound, or the sound of the motor working, but much louder than usual.
  • There is a musty or burning smell coming from the AC unit
  • You see water damage near where your evaporator coil is located
  • The AC unit isn’t blowing air normally. Either it is blowing air that isn’t cool, air that is cool but not as much as it should be, or the AC unit is not blowing any air although it appears to be running.
  • The AC unit is not running and will not turn on
  • The AC unit is visibly leaking refrigerant
  • The fan on the condenser outside turns on and off intermittently or won’t turn on at all
  • You need to move your outdoor condenser unit because your are remodeling or landscaping

If you do not think that your system is working as well as it should, then you should also consider arranging an air conditioning repair or a routine maintenance visit. An inefficient system could be wasting you hundreds of dollars per year, as well as circulating unclean air around your room. Spending a few dollars on a replacement part could help you to make huge savings in the long run. Arranging a repair now could help you to avoid a much costlier repair being needed in the future.

In some circumstances, it may be more economical for you to have an air conditioning replacement instead of a repair. If we feel as though this option might be better for you, then our technician will be happy to explain all of the options to you. They will be able to help you to choose the best system for your unique needs. At Lusk Heating and Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing individual service to every client. We will assess your budget, circumstances and property to find the right system for you.

Why Choose Us?

Having started operating in the North Platte, Nebraska area in 2001, we have been able to develop great working relationships with leading manufacturers. If we do not have the necessary parts at hand to complete your air conditioning repair, we will be able to source them for you quickly and efficiently. This allows us to get your air conditioning system up and running again in next to no time at all. Wherever possible, we will leave your system safely running whilst we wait for the replacement parts to arrive.

At Lusk, we aim to minimize the level of disruption that our clients feel. If your system goes down, we will aim to attend as soon as possible at your convenience. On the other hand, we aim to fit routine repairs in about your schedule by being as flexible as possible. Our engineers work quickly and safely at all times, and they will clean up after themselves when they finish your job. Every technician in our team is qualified and licensed to work in the state of Nebraska. We are also committed to regular re-training to ensure that our skills are always some of the sharpest in the business.

We are proud to be able to call ourselves Bryant Factory Authorized Dealers. Only companies that meet the high Bryant standards of technical quality and customer service excellence are given Authorized Dealer status. By choosing a company with this honor, you will know that you will receive the best possible service. What is more, all of our jobs are completed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any work that we have completed, we will do Whatever It Takes® to make things right for you.

For air conditioning and heating services in North Platte, Nebraska and the surrounding area, get in contact with Lusk Heating and Air Conditioning on (308) 532-5875 or by emailing us at We offer both residential and commercial installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance and servicing contracts.